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Just a few years after the Chicago fire our history started. When Chicago was still a prairie town, a few people gathered together to praise and worship their Lord and Savior. Transportation at the time was by horse and buggy, and the sidewalks were wooden planks which often floated away during rainstorms.

  • Congregation at Broadview
    It was the home of Grandma Spriggs on May 3, 1887 that fifteen persons banded together for their first cottage prayer meeting-led by deacons Morton and Innes of Western Avenue Baptist Church.
  • These people had great plans. A building fund was started and a lease secured on a lot at the northwest corner of Flournoy and Washtenaw. An agreement was made with the owner of the lot, a church member, Mr. Owens, to lease the property free of charge for the first ten years. Four western district churches combined to assist in raising funds and $773.25 was collected. A chapel was begun on this spot.
  • After considerable delay, the chapel was completed late in the summer of 1888, at the cost of $1550.00; and the first prayer meeting was held there August 14th of that same year. This building was formally dedicated, free of debt on September 30, 1888, with Rev. William Lawrence preaching the sermon.
  • Mr. John Crooks was then called upon to serve until April of 1889; Mr. A.C. Halphide succeeded him until August; Rev O.B. Saber took over September of that same year.
  • About this time it became necessary for more room, and an additional 25 feet was added to the rear of the chapel, costing $771.00.
  • After a council of the West Side Baptist Churches in April of 1890, this church was organized on April 22nd, having 91 members. “Messiah Baptist Church of Chicago” was chosen as its name, and O.B. Saber remained as Pastor.
  • Messiah was organized as a regular Baptist Church by a council of Baptist Churches of Chicago on May 15, 1890. Dr. Galusha Anderson gave the charge of the church, Dr. C. Perrin the right hand of Fellowship, and Dr. Ed. D. Burr the prayer.
  • Soon a larger facility was needed, and the hunt began in June, 1891 for an available lot. One was secured between Francisco and Sacramento on Flournoy Street for $2,700.00. The Sunday School at this time was held on Sunday afternoons. Mr. William H. Ward, Sr. and his wife worked the Junior Department. Mrs. Ward taught the class and her husband drew all the illustrations for her lessons. In 1892, Rev. Saber resigned and Rev. Howland Hanson became Pastor. This new building idea continued, and finally in October 1896, the new building was dedicated with a debt of $2500.00 on the property.
  • After about six years Bro. Hanson resigned. Rev. C.H. Cooley served temporarily until Rev. Wilson Whitney became Pastor and in July, 1896, the mortgage was burned. Bro. Dewey resigned on April 30, 1907, after completing his good work.
  • Rev. Parson came on December 5, 1907, and served until 1910. His congregation and church membership increased from Sunday to Sunday.
  • On June 23, 1910, Rev. Norman Henderson accepted the call as Pastor and served until September 25, 1912.
  • On November 20, 1912, Rev. Charles Gillman Morse of Detroit, Michigan began his work. He remained until 1917.
  • Rev. James Asa White became the next Pastor and remained for one year.
  • The next Pastor was Rev. Woolhouse. He and his wife planned and built the parsonage in the back of the church.
  • On May 1 1923, Rev. Fred Donnelson became Pastor and was ordained. On February 23, 1930, Rev. Donnelson answered another call and left the church. Soon after leaving Messiah, Dr. Donnelson and his wife felt the call of God to China. After many years of labor there, and a prolonged period in a Japanese prison camp, the Donnelson’s returned to the United States. He accepted the position of Missions Director for the Baptist Bible Fellowship in Springfield, Missouri.
  • Rev. Torrey Johnson replaced Dr. Donnelson and led the church in evangelistic meetings. Torrey Johnson is known around the world for his work with Youth for Christ and his outstanding evangelistic campaigns. Rev. Johnson left some time in 1932.
  • In 1932 Rev. Amsler worked faithfully in the continuation of street meetings.
  • In 1934, Rev. Robert Willhoite took over to tell of his Savior, Jesus Christ. It was during his ministry that the young people of Messiah began spending one week of their summer at the Cedar Lake Conference.
  • In January 1937, Rev. Carl Weir became Pastor. He was well loved by his congregation and the surrounding neighborhood of the church. Mr. Pace left Messiah in January, 1940 to be minister of his own church. Rev. Buckley stayed through 1940 till Rev. Beatty came to minister, and remained until 1941.
  • Rev. Lashley replaced Rev. Beatty and remained for one year. Rev Charles Morris followed him and was with us until 1943. Rev. Morris was followed by Rev. Tatman who stayed until 1945.
  • Rev. Ivan T. Brown came to the church in 1945. He encouraged the people to secure a new location and build. He started a regular house to house visitation program. He left in 1955 to go to the mission field.
  • Rev. Wendall Graham became our next Pastor. He promoted the building fund and was able to raise $11,000. He left to teach Bible and music at the Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. Rev. Graham served until 1957.
  • Rev. Lon Stewart was next to take over the pastoral duties. He led the church to its location and building in Broadview. He emphasized the need for a soul winning Sunday School that more might be blessed with the message of salvation.
  • On April 18, 1959, ground was broken to start construction of a new meeting place in Broadview. The first service in the new building was held Wednesday November 4, 1959, and all the people praised God for his goodness. The Church grew in attendance and some five years later in 1965, it was necessary to search for a new location to build a larger building.
  • In July, 1965, a special meeting was held, and the church voted in favor of purchasing nine acres of land in Addison, IL for future expansion of Messiah Baptist Church. The property was purchased but it was financially unfeasible to build a building at that time. Bro. Stewart’s vision for soul winning Sunday School did not end there. His vision increased to see the need for a Christian Day School and in 1966 Villa Christian School was organized on March 13, 1967. Villa Christian School was opened and attendance increased each year. Therefore, an additional grade was added each year and by April 1976 Villa Christian School had an attendance of 129 in Kindergarten-12th grade and 95 in Pre-school.
  • On February 8, 1970, it was agreed to build an addition onto the present building in Broadview for the sum of $75,000, and remain at the current location until financially feasible to relocate to Addison.
  • In November of 1971, Messiah entered into a building program along with the Fellowship Churches of Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin for a Christian youth camp, and the Tri-State Youth Camp of Letts, Iowa was organized.
  • In April 1972, Rev. Lon Stewart resigned his pastorate to fill the call to the Denver Baptist Temple, Denver Colorado. On April 9, 1972, Rev. Bob Henson was called to be the Pastor. The Lord continued to bless with souls being saved and new additions to the church each week.
  • Rev. Henson also felt the need for expanding our facilities, and in July, 1974 led the church into a one million dollar bond program to relocate on the previously purchased nine acres in Addison, Illinois. On Sunday afternoon, August 18, 1974, construction of the building was started with Herbert W. Jaeger and Associates as the builders. Completion and occupancy of the new building was planned for Spring, 1976.
  • The Spirit of revival was still in the Church that was founded some 89 years ago. The move to the new facility in the spring did not happen as planned, but did make the move in the heat of summer on July 26, 1976.
  • In December 1978, Rev. Bob Henson resigned his pastorate to fill the call to Calvary Baptist Church, National City, California.
  • On July 19, 1979 Rev. Terry Brillhart was called to be the Pastor. God continued to bless the church as it grew in membership through salvation, baptism and by letter. Pastor Bob Tetrick joined the staff in 1985 as the Associate Pastor.
  • On August 3, 1986 Terry Brillhart submitted his resignation as Pastor to answer a call to Eastside Baptist Church, Topeka, Kansas. Villa Christian Preschool was closed in 1986 due to the lack of students.
  • September 28, 1986 Rev. Gilbert accepted the call to be Pastor. He began serving on October 26, 1986. After 3 years of service, Rev. Gilbert resigned as Pastor.
  • June 18, 1989 Messiah Baptist Church voted to call David Aycock as Pastor. Pastor Dave is the current Sr. Pastor of Messiah Baptist Church. Pastor Dave was with the Church during its 100 Year Anniversary in 1990. During the Church’s 111th Anniversary the Church was able to burn the mortgage note and the Church building and land became debt free. Pastor Dave and Pastor Bob are still currently serving and have been at the church the longest of any minister’s in its history.

Messiah Baptist Church is still a lighthouse shining as brightly today as it did more than 100 years ago. It will continue to spread the gospel to the neighborhood it is in, and the world through its Missionaries.

Old Messiah Church

A small church on the prairie grew,
Where meet many good friends true.
Here formed lasting friendships kind,
Evermore our hearts shall bind.

Many came and many went,
We pressed on with one intent.
To know the Savior up above,
Follow Him, the one we love.

Our thoughts drift back in memory.
Wonderful friends again we see.
Good times we sure had there,
Bygone days a dream so fair.

Friendships here made were sealed,
Last forever it’s so revealed.
Meeting old friends they inquire,
About their friends of ‘Old Messiah’.

We loved them all, there’s many more,
All real friends till life is o’er.
In that land of God’s somewhere,
Many will say I found Him there.

-William H. Ward, Sr. longtime member and Deacon-


      600 South Villa Ave.
      Addison, IL 60101

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      6:55 PM Awana
      7:00 PM Unlimited Youth 7th - 12th
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